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Project Description

The Team Foundation Service ( allows you to request feedback from your stakeholders, which in turn sends them an email and invites them to run the new Microsoft Feedback Client while they are interacting with your software. This allows them to provide rich, actionable feedback - including screenshots, video, audio, and annotations.

This project - Feedback Browser - builds on that capability by allowing your project’s stakeholders to see all of their feedback requests in one location without needing to retain and open each email individually.

Usage is very simple:

1. Connect to TFSPreview Project, and in a tray the will be application-list of all active FR assigned to you.

2. Click on a FC icon - right next to FR Title.

3. Give Feedback using Feedback Client.


Further planned activities for improvement:

1. Search Feedback Requests

2. Group Feedback Requests based on Title and Description

3. Fast Preview of FR

4. Refreshing FR-List every X minutes/seconds

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